Alcoblow on Kenya roads

May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty here in Kenya during the election year 2017 so that plenty may be found within our borders.

Alcoblow on Kenya roads

I was arrested even before I used the Alcoblow on Kenya roads. I did not protest because the evidence was very evident. Here is the rib-cracking story of my dipsomania.

Alcoblow on Kenya roads
Alcoblow on Kenya roads

While on his duty implementing the use of Alcoblow on Kenya roads, a Traffic Policeman pulled me over last night and asked, “Have you been drinking tonight, Sir?”

“A bit” I mumbled, “but I’m alright.”

“We’ll let the alcoblow decide that,” he replied. “Take a deep breath and blow into this until I say stop.”

Almost instantly the Policeman shouted, “Stop!”

“What is it?.” I asked, “I haven’t blown anything?”

“You are under arrest for drunken driving”

“Why?” I asked the policeman “and I had only barely inserted the alcoblow in my mouth?”

“Did it occur to you that you are sucking My finger.” Came the reply.

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