Alcoblow on Kenya roads

Alcoblow on Kenya roads

I was arrested even before I used the Alcoblow on Kenya roads. I did not protest because the evidence was very evident. Here is the rib-cracking story of my dipsomania.

Alcoblow on Kenya roads
Alcoblow on Kenya roads

While on his duty implementing the use of Alcoblow on Kenya roads, a Traffic Policeman pulled me over last night and asked, “Have you been drinking tonight, Sir?”

“A bit” I mumbled, “but I’m alright.”

“We’ll let the alcoblow decide that,” he replied. “Take a deep breath and blow into this until I say stop.”

Almost instantly the Policeman shouted, “Stop!”

“What is it?.” I asked, “I haven’t blown anything?”

“You are under arrest for drunken driving”

“Why?” I asked the policeman “and I had only barely inserted the alcoblow in my mouth?”

“Did it occur to you that you are sucking My finger.” Came the reply.

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