My advice for the New EACC Chairman Retired Archbishop Eliud Wabukala

My advice for the New EACC Chairman Retired Archbishop Eliud Wabukala

I have mixed feelings here …. One feeling … I feel happy that Retired Archbishop Eliud Wabukala will indeed head the EACC, He is God sent …. He has no known record of corruption. He is fit to be chair here!!!

The other feeling … God, why did you allow this honest man of God to cruise his way to a den of hungry lions? Kenyan Politicians and corrupt business men are hyenas, Ni masifi, watamkula wammalize …. Finished … Kaput … Kabisa!!!

Anyway may be am wrong, maybe he is the last bullet that Kenya has to slay this corruption dragon.

But my advise to Eliud Wabukala is

  1. Never go to a rich mans private party especially if he/she is a new acquaintance!!! I mean it NEVER ACCEPT AN INVITATION TO A RICH MAN’S PARTY!!! Period ….
  2. Never accept “tea” from anyone. Only drink tea that you have ordered. Ukikunywa any other tea umenunuliwa na mtu be sure there are hidden cameras recording you for possible mal-editing for your blackmail.
  3. Live like Dr. Patrick Njoroge of CBK. Never accept the spoils of the Government, drive a vitz, live in the church houses. Only accept your salary and security from the government … NOTHING ELSE ….
  4. Anybody who was never your friend before the appointment and now wants to become your friend is your enemy .. Enemy number one … Avoid them like plague. An EACC chair has no new friends but new enemies.
  5. Finally Bwana Wabukala, some of the most corrupt people are officers in the EACC Secretariat don’t take their word as the Gospel truth …. They already are friends to the corrupt. They are the ones to soil your good name.

Bwana Eliud Wabukala, I am not discouraging you on this most ‘Dangerous’ job, but I am just alerting you about what befell PLO Lumumba. Tafuta namba yake akupee mawaidha.

Wish you well!