New tricks used by conmen in Kenya

New tricks used by conmen in Kenya

Conmen in Matatus

  •  Guys dropping coins in a matatu and as you help pick, your pockets or bag is being emptied.
  • New tricks used by conmen in Kenya
    New tricks used by conmen in Kenya

    In matatus guys suddenly shouts there is a crackdown and people should fasten the safety belts, as you struggle to look for yours, your pockets are being emptied. Some even pretend to help you fasten the belt while their other hand is busy in your pocket or bag.

  • Beware of guys reading newspapers in matatus spreading them to you or carrying big envelopes (x-ray type) and placing them covering you or part of your bag or pocket.

Conmen on the Streets

  • You meet a guy(s) in town asking for KCS(KENYA CHARITY SWEEPSTAKE) house with a heavy Meru accent. Tells you he has won 100k or 200k and shows you the ticket. Tells you since he doesn’t have the id you collect the money for him and take maybe half or quarter (depending on how greedy he thinks you are). You go to the offices but before you get in he insists you have to leave him some security since he doesn’t know you, either some money or valuable, maybe phone. The card is fake,……… umeibiwa.
  • Some guy dropping an envelope with cash, another picks and tells you to go and share, they will either take you to a corridor and rob u or give you the envelope to go into a kanjo toilet to divide but they will insist you leave them with your valuables. The envelope contains papers and single visible note money.

Gambling Conmen in bus stops

  • Guys playing cards by swapping them. One is thrown down and you are requested to help pick. They pretend to thank you by giving you 200bob but you have to show equivalent. Then ya told to show the right card and you can never win. The guys around them are their accomplices. Don’t be fooled. (Embakasi bypass outside Nakumatt)

Old women who are conwomen

  • New tricks used by conmen in Kenya
    New tricks used by conmen in Kenya

    There is an old lady who will approach you, request you to dial a number for her son so she picks her. You dial the number and it goes through but isn’t picked. You leave and get into a matatu. Unknown to you the accomplice(s) gets into the same matatu, claims his phone has been stolen and asks one to dial his number(your number), your phone rings and before you explain or prove anything, the mob is acting on you proper.( Kencom ambassador area)

New tricks used by conmen in Kenya – Conmen acting as pastors

  • A person stops you and asks for directions to a Media house or stadium or Uhuru park or childrens home where he says he is headed and he is a popular man of God. Before you tell him anything another person (accomplice) passes by and pretends to know him from the good work he does for charity and helping people. You are then told a lot of problems that you have and told to either pray somewhere or help a beggar leaving your belongings to them, ladies and gentlemen, u jus got brainwashed and ya salo is gone.

Conmen / women calling your phone

  •  Receive some sms claiming, ‘Auntie or uncle, mtoto ameumwa na nyoka nitumie 50bob airtime nipigie mtu wa boda boda. Hii ni mahabusu ya kamiti.’

  • Faith

    Thank you so much for keeping us street smart. The scariest one is where an old lady approaches you feigning the need to call her son alafu naitwa Mwizi n they walk away with my phone,……………..aaauwiii!

  • Joyce Matogo

    Look out for con people who come into your life and are the best people you have ever come across. They stay around and have long-term plans to con you, close friends and family members. by the time you realize, they make up something that will cause a conflict. Not too long will you realize they have gotten away with your money attempted to con family members and friends who came to accept them as real friends.