World Cup Letter To My Boss

World Cup Letter To My Boss

Dear Sir

I wish to let you know that the FIFA World Cup has already began. This is not just any other tournament, it’s the World Cup! Please note that this tournament will be on from June 12 till 13th July.

During this World Cup period take note of the following:

World Cup Letter To My Boss
World Cup Letter To My Boss
  • I will be clocking off earlier than usual in order to watch the kick off of the first game.
  • Do not be surprised if I report a little bit late, it will depend on the time the last game finishes.
  • Production will go up during this month as almost all employees will be happy and highly motivated (Check Maslow’s Motivation Theories with Human Resource).
  • I know you are into other boring sports like golf, cricket, bowling, rugby etc. Please if you want to fit in the work environment for the next one month, try to know something about soccer, even asking a foolish question like ” Is Ukraine playing tonight?” is welcome, that is if you really want to fit in, or else you will be a loner for one full month.
  • Greeting each other in the morning will change from “Good morning” to “How was the game last night?”
  • I will not accept to work overtime during this period as no amount of money can buy me to miss a game. Therefore make sure you don’t give me any work after I log out.
  • I will need to be up-to-date with the latest; therefore the first 1 hour before I log in, is for accessing sports websites and other updates on the internet and also chatting with friends on phone. Kindly activate the net.
  • Lastly, please do not think you can fire me should you decide to break any of the above rules as you will have to fire everyone.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours faithfully,

Soccer Crazy Employee


Welfare Chairman


United Nations

Transparency International

International Labour Organization

 Iinternational Trade Union Confederation

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