Fake Pastors in Kenya

Fake Pastors in Kenya. Sometimes stick to doing what is good despite pressure from the perceived men of God

A fake Pastor in Kenya was walking down a dusty road in Laikipia County and saw a young farmer struggling to load hay back onto a cart after it had fallen off.

“You look hot and tired, my son,” said the cleric. “why don’t you rest a moment, and I’ll give you a hand.”

“No thanks,” said the young man.

Fake Pastors in Kenya
Fake Pastors in Kenya

“My father wouldn’t like it.”

“Don’t be silly,” the minister said. “Sometimes it is good to follow your own free will”…… “Everyone is entitled to a break. Come and have a drink of water.”

Again the young man protested that his father would be upset. Losing his patience, the clergyman said, “Your father must be a real slave driver. Tell me where I can find him and I’ll give him a piece of my mind!”

“Well,” replied the young farmer, “he’s under the load of hay.”

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